#155 EN | What law to change? – WordPress Daily Prompt

If I had the power to change one law, I would eliminate the death penalty, increase funding for education, and reform the criminal justice system in order to create a fairer and better society.

#154 EN | About my Dream Home – Daily prompts by WordPress

The article describes a dream home that combines a flat house design, automatic gardening system, beekeeping, and herbalism practices in a big yard far away from the city. The home is ideal for those who have a passion for gardening, beekeeping, and herbalism and want to live in a modern, low-maintenance home that provides easy access to the outdoors. The article highlights the benefits of an automatic gardening system, beekeeping, and herbalism, and how they can all be integrated into a single dream home.

#153 | Турция и Житен режим

Здравейте приятели, На първо време да Ви благодаря, че сте отделили от времето си отново, за да можем да се запознаем заедно с всичко случващо се около нас. Написаното днес от мен ще можете да видите и в LinkedIn профила ми, като там можете да ме откриете по: или като ме потърсите по име иПродължете с четенето на „#153 | Турция и Житен режим“