#150 EN | My 5 Fun-Filled Activities

List five things you do for fun.

#1 I’m writing this blog

Never thought for my blog as a job, as procrastinate or to earn money from. My blog is made from my passion to write on my keyboard. I love writing and it will be part of the things that make me chill more and more. I can spend hours of writing things that no one will read and I realy dont care of it.

I love my blog, you should love yours too.

bozhidar kostov – bozhigkostov.com

#2 I love doing exercises

I have practiced parkour and freerunning for around 12 years, it made me the person which im right now. I’m proud of that experience and I can spend a lot of time doing it again. I love to workout outside, around the nature, around people or just an air. I love practicing basketball or streetball with friends or with strangers. I have played with strangers from Greece, China, Africa and all around europe.

#3 Love to listen music

Like all the people which are training alone I love to listen music when im doing it. When you are listening a music you are not alone and you’ll never be out of motivation. This is the next reason for listening a specific music when I’m in workout mode – every single song give me another reason to train like a beast. Every song from my playlist is connected with a one or a few memories which give me the great feeling to inspire me agian. You have to listen music which giving you a memories, that make you shaking inside. You have to explode in the right way – go outside and do something you like.

#4 Passion of tech

You can see me every free minute to search or making research of some tech. Because I saw some news or just want to find the difference between two or more gadgets. You can ask me whatever you want about nowadays tech and if I’m not heard of, god for sake, I’ll read about it and we can talk! I love to read about it, love to watch videos about it and let me share something from the last few days.

  • New Razer Laptops – 16 and 18 inches
  • Motorola ThinkPhone – Inspired by ThinkPad and hopefully pretty fine connected to
  • MacBook M2 Pro, M2 Max and Mac mini M2 pro
    • Just in case – these macs are only 30% better than the previous models

#5 I’m in positive mood 24/7

I just doing everything with love, hope and my blessing. I’m giving best of me for free, I don’t want something in exchange of it and hope people to understand it. Be kind and be proud of it. People can learn from blessing and also from painful things, hope to open their eyes just before the pain.

Learn, teach and be kind.

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