#120 EN | WW3 is Coming

My prediction is that WW3 will be started on the 27th of March. I Cannot explain my feelings, but there are a few things that I know and will share with you.

Let me say something to the English reading audience that doesn’t know about me. I’m half Bulgarian and half Russian and can’t say that Vlad Putin is in his right to attack Ukraine’s citizens.

First of all, I have watched Navalny’s movie about Vlad and there is so much truth that I cannot miss.

What to say about Ukraine and USA? There is enough news and lies. There are lies on both sides and no one will be sure what they are trying to say about this war in Ukraine.

Trust me, and trust no one.

I have no worries to tell you what’s on my mind and you’ll read about it in the next rows.


  • Said nothing to their people, what the plans are.
  • Don’t show them all the media available.
  • Can’t tell the people for brothers attack.
  • Will struggle from the world produce before China’s charity?


  • Will lose a lot of infrastructures around the country.
  • Losing people, losing soldiers, losing men.
  • Winning only allies from EU and NATO sides.
  • Winning but only if they join them.

United States of America

  • Winning closer territory to Russia’s borders.
  • Winning ally which will be the victim instead of themself.
  • Winning money by the stocks.
  • Winning by printing dollars and price up instead of losing.
  • Sharing planes, weapons, but there are no soldiers.


  • „C’mon Ukraine! We are with you.“ Send some weapons.
  • „C’mon Ukraine! We’ll send planes to the USA.“ Why don’t you send them right to us?
  • „Do you need any help vs 2nd world hardest army?“ Yes, help us! -Okay, we’ll interrupt their bank transfers via Visa and Mastercard.
  • „Can you help us to stop the war and save the people?“ Yes! We’ll stop the SWIFT service, be sure it will work!
  • „Take these ammunitions and prepare to fight until they surrender.“ What? Where is the help?


  • Turkey and USA talking about Russian weapons.
  • NATO allies do nothing but only send material helps.
  • The nuclear weapons will be the end of this world.

Let’s stop here. I got real feelings about the date I said at the top. Let me fail at this prediction, this is enough!

Share with friends if you liked it, but don’t blame me. The TV, News, and newspapers are just lying to us because there is the hardest propaganda ever.

Thanks for your attention!

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