Top 5 Awesome Websites On The Internet

Relax and Peaceful Music

This is the site that can give you every single tone to relax. You can mix 2 or more of them to make the perfect relaxing sound. Choosing from sea, forest, city or just white noise including birds, fire and wind chimes. 

If you need to get into a perfect sound environment for work or study just visit the site and try out all the combinations.

Why Noises Online? Easy and clean UI design to improve your mental strength with relaxing and ambient sounds while you sleep, work, or walking thru nature.

This is the answer to google searches like: “Help me relax”, “Play ambient noise”, “Play white noise”;

Link to 

Easiest Way to Setup a New Computer

This is the way to pick the programs that you need and have to work with on your personal computer. These programs include all for basic functionality, there are not included paid software. The software is free but has a paid version that can check and show what to update when it’s needed to. You can mark all the programs that you need and download and install only with the power of one button.

But what is this for? I can do it manually.

Of course, you can do it by your hand, but there is a difference. This site is made to make your life easier, not harder. You can mark them one by one, not downloading them one by one. 

Guide to use it by its awesome way…

After this simple program picking, you can get all of the programs with one single click below this section. Right there you’ll find [Get Your Ninite].

This is the only one website/program you need to set up your new computer.

Link to

Free Alternative to Paid Software

On this site, you can find free alternative software for every paid one. There are only recommendations and no rules on what to pick to solve your issue. You can search in more than 800k opinions which can give you one of the best picks to do whatever you want but with free software and there is no need to use the paid ones. 

Most people are looking for an Adobe Pack alternative that to be free and there is a solution for every one of them. 

Adobe Photoshop FREE Alternative is GIMP

Adobe Illustrator FREE Alternative is Inkscape

Adobe Lightroom FREE Alternative is Darktable

Adobe Acrobat Reader FREE Alternative is Foxit Reader

Adobe Premiere Pro FREE Alternative is DaVinci Resolve

You can check them by your hand if you want to, everything you need has an alternative.

Link to

Online Photoshop Alternative

Here on this site again is an alternative of a paid software like Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, or something else like these two apps. The free version has a lot of functions, but if you want to be PRO like some real designer you have to pay for it monthly subscription but you don’t have to. Don’t forget there is a free alternative for every software on your mind. There are few design templates you can use in the free version, you can also use this website for collage making or just removing some background from your photos to do something else with it.

There are two types of functions that you can pick from:

To edit photos and this is called Pixlr E;

To make quick and easy Graphic Design you have to use Pixlr X;

Link to

Private Search Engine

Best of the best! If you are looking for a Private Search, Tracker Blocking, or Site Encryption, there is DuckDuckGo who can change the game and show you that your privacy protection is most important! 

Their privacy policy is so simple and maybe everyone we’ll read it – “We don’t collect or share any of your personal information. ” Have you ever read any Privacy Policy? There is no something like under a minute reading, or just privacy!

If you are using Chrome – there is an extension DuckDuckGo Bundle for privacy including everything listed above.

If you want to be protected on your mobile device you can use their Privacy Browser App – DuckDuckGo and again with every privacy listed above.

If you want to keep your privacy, there is a link for their official website and you can check everything I said for them.

Link to DuckDuckGo

Thank you for reading guys,

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Awesome Websites On The Internet


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